Why join doTERRA

WHY?  Everyone’s WHY is different but there is one thing we all have in common is that we love the Essential Oils.  The smell is only a very small part of the Essential Oils.  Yes, they smell amazing, but they have so many other aspects about them that make them wonderful.  They can help you feel better.  They soothe minor ailments.  They can invigorate you, give you strength to look at your day with a smile.  They can help you with your problems sleeping.  I could go on and on but there is not one right WHY, it is your WHY.

It isn’t just the Essential Oils on their own.  The products that they have available to us, use of these wonderful pure Essential Oils, always thinking to our well being.

A lot of my WHY was to help others feel the difference in their life, like I did.  First with the diffuser and oils on the bottom of my feet.  I slept 5 straight hours that night.  That certainly made feel that, hmmmmm feeling.  As I read more I got really inspired.  Then that special day came when my Natural Solutions Kit arrived.  It was like Christmas.  I couldn’t wait to try all the products.  The toothpaste was and still is one of my favourites.  I have a story about each and every item in the box.  The Correct X, like a polysporon, is wonderful and helps relieve the pain of scrapes and help it heal.  The On Guard Foam soap, wow, I have one pump in my kitchen and the other in the bathroom.  I love it, I feel so clean each time I wash my hands and I know there is nothing in it that can hurt me!  Even the wooden box to store my oils!  I felt so organized!

I love the feeling of someone asking me about doTERRA and I get to talk about it.  Peppermint relieves my headaches and we don’t have Tylenol or Advil in our home anymore.   Digestzen works for me to calm my upset tummy!  Just a couple of drops on my tummy and I feel better in not too long.   The Shampoo and Conditioner changed my hair from frizzy to calm and wavey, like when I was a kid!

I want to let everyone know that it can help them too!  If it can help me, it can help you too.