Living life to the fullest

Life can be wonderful all the time.   Even though unexpected circumstances are thrown at us.  It is inevitable.  What we need to do is learn how to take those negative experiences and turn them around to help us, or at least let them be brushed off like water off a ducks back.

Happy lives include a lot of things.  Eating properly, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, taking time for yourself, not over indulging in too much food, or drink… you probably know where I’m going with this.  Taking Supplements and Vitamins is an essential part of life.  100 years ago, our ancestors had better soil.  That is why we need it now.  We have used a lot of the “goodness” from our soil.  We need to add to our daily consumption of good food in order to get the minerals and vitamins we need to excel.  There is no reason you should feel yucky every day.