I would like to recommend the Natural Solutions kit as your first kit, your enrollment kit.  This kit gives you most of what you need to get started understanding the benefits of doTERRA.  It gives you the best bang for you buck too!

This kit has products to get you started to a better life with doTERRA.

It consists of:

Essential Oils:
10 mL bottles: PastTense®

15 mL bottles: LavenderLemonPeppermintOn Guard®FrankincenseMelaleucaWild OrangeBalance®DigestZen®AromaTouch®Serenity®Breathe

On Guard BeadletsOn Guard Toothpaste, On Guard Hand Wash with 2 DispensersOn Guard Sanitizer spray, On Guard Softgels

Lifelong Vitality Pack®DigestZen TerraZyme®Deep Blue® RubFractionated Coconut Oil (4 oz),  Breathe® Vapor Stick,  Correct-X®PB Assist®+ Salon Essentials® Protecting ShampooSalon Essentials® Smoothing Conditioner,

The doTERRA Essentials Booklet, Lumo Diffuser, and the wonderful storage Wooden Box,

Home Essentials Kit – Fabulous Tulip diffuser, the 10 most Essential Oils and the Essentials Book for handy reference to your products.

Aromatherapy Kit – Fabulous Tulip diffuser, BalanceLavenderMelaleuca On GuardAromaTouchDeep BlueWild OrangePeppermint oils, fractionated Coconut Oil and the Essentials Booklet

These are only a few of the enrollment kits available.

Contact me below for more information!