Do It Yourself is all the rage right now.  Making our own products is exciting and when something is exciting you get involved and you learn.  Keeping our minds active is very important as we age, but it also inspires the youth.  Making something you enjoy later is so empowering and fun!   Just like a faboulous meal, making a Creamy Body Butter,  Fragrant Bath Salts, Bath Balms, or even a new Body Bar can make you feel so accomplished!  Imagine giving some of your own homemade goods as a Christmas present or a Birthday present!  How would you feel if you brought a new product to friend in pain not only to make them feel better for receiving a gift, but also give them the wonderful benefits of a Pure Essential Oil (and it smells good too)!

Roller balls are great for mixing your favourite oils too.  Adding Fractionated Coconut Oil can actually make the Essential Oil be absorbed better in some cases.  Some Oils (like one of my favourites, Vetiver) is really thick.  It takes forever for one glorious drop to come out of the bottle, so when I dilute it with some FCO, it comes out more quickly but still gives me all the benefits I am hoping for.

All of these ideas are just that ideas!  Change any of the oils to make it your own.  I hope you enjoy this section as much as I do creating it for you!