My Story

doTERRA saved my life.

I don’t remember when I didn’t have anxiety attacks.  I do remember always being so self-conscious about everything.  I remember being “checked”, in every area from so many, some very close to me for everything.  I am a very strong woman and yet I still cared about the opinions of others, especially when they contradicted what type of person I prided myself in being.   There are times in our lives where we just can’t deal with normal life without some help.  I got help with counselling.  That did help but the outside aspects of our lives still get in.  I was diagnosed with an anxiety/depression disorder.  I was on medication for it and it did help but the anxiety attacks still happened.  As usual I swept them under the rug.  I thought I could handle anything.

I did handle it… as so many do.   I went off the medication because I hated taking pills.  I felt like I was not strong if I were dependent on pills.  As life went on so did my anxiety and depression.  In December of 2013, I went back on medications.  The attacks had gotten more often and more severe.  I walked, exercised, started to read happy stories, did my puzzle books, anything to get my mind off what was driving me crazy but they only helped at the time.  Trying to be better than you are for others is not going to work.  Trying to be better because you strive for more because you are already wonderful that is a good thing.

Unfortunately, life continued to get more and more stressful.   In May of 2016 I increased my medication, then 6 months later I increased it again.  Then a year later, I needed an additional medication in order to deal with my life without crying.  Then I added a go to emergency medication, if I had a very harsh anxiety attack.  Each time I added more medication, I felt more of a failure.

My angel arrived to me in October 2017.  My cousin David.  I sent him a message over Facebook Messenger, all I said was “Hey, David”.   Within minutes we were chatting like we had never chatted before.  What was he doing, what was I doing.  We hadn’t spoken in so long there was lots to talk about.  As he asked me how I was and I responded, his voice changed.  He understood me completely.  His wife had gone through similar depression, anxiety and had overcome a lot of it.  She had reduced her medications because she was feeling better, doTERRA had helped her.  As we hung up I felt so much better.  The end of October he and his brother Rob came to visit me.  They brought doTERRA into my life.  It has helped me more than you can imagine.  I have stopped taking the additional medication, the original one I went up to 20 mg, it has gone down to 10 mg, and the emergency medication is taken about once maybe twice in a month.   I am determined to be med free as soon as I am ready.

What did I do… I became a doTERRA Wellness Advocate.  I diffuse my favourite oils everynight, now I sleep.   I put my favourite oils on the bottom of my feet at night and also during the day.   I take the Vitamins and Supplements and I am feeling better than I have ever in my life.  I have changed my day to day products that we already use, like our toothpaste, deodorant, cleaning supplies, hand soaps, laundry detergent and so many more products.   The chemicals we get on a regular basis in “normal products is incredible.  It is empowering to be involved in doTERRA.

doTERRA helped me understand myself and empower me to be the best I can be.  Taking charge of your health and wellbeing is up to you!