Everyone has challenges, every day of their lives.  We all know that each day something could come up that will be a good challenge or a hard, bad challenge.  Sometimes we welcome the challenge.  It can be good for us.  Then there are those challenges that are really just too much.  It can be hard because we physically not able to do it… like get the cup of the very highest shelf (hahaha)  or it could be something emotional.  Those are the hardest for me.  People around you are sometimes challenges we really don’t need.  Our friends and family are supposed to be wonderful and helpful, people who bring the best out in us.  We should be that way for them too.  But what happens when someone is really out to get you.  You have stopped being their friend.  You have unfriended them on all social media pages, and somehow they still get through to you.  What do you do now?

I try to keep busy will good friends and family and have a positive outlook still.  I diffuse my favourite oils in my diffuser… all the time, everywhere.  I put my oils on the bottoms of my feet, inhale the, on my pulse points!  I do yoga and rest, crochet, sing, watch funny shows on TV.  If you have to put yourself in a good space to get out of the negativity then do it.  Take that time for yourself.  Eliminate what you can that is hurtful in your life.  Send me a message, even if you just want to vent.  Talking is always really helpful, only if it is with a wonderful helpful person, not judgmental.


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