PB Assist

PB Assist 

PB Assist reestablishes a healthy gut flora.

A healthy person has a healthy lining of helpful bacteria in their gut.  This healthy gut flora can be damaged by drugs, artificial ingredients in our foods, use of antibiotics, etc.   A healthy lining of good bacteria helps protect gut tissues.   It also helps break down food nutrients and protect us from bad bacteria and other parasites!

Moreover, when your gut is healthy, you will have a stronger immunity.   Scientists say 60-70% of your immunity is in your gut. It is very important to take care of your gut.   We need this healthy shield all the time!

An easy and inexpensive way to re-establish these gut colonies is to take probiotics.   Probiotics in the form of yogurt and kefir are good, but most of the healthy bacteria get killed in the stomach acids and thus they are not delivered to the gut where they are needed.

To assist in delivering probiotics to the gut, dōTERRA came up with a double-capsule delivery system. The outside capsule is the first line of defense.   It also contains a prebiotic to feed the probiotics. The probiotics remain safe inside the inner capsule while traveling through the stomach.

This inner capsule is designed to release the probiotics once in the gut.   Each capsule delivers 6 strains of 6 billion CFUs (colony forming units).   Hence, this method of delivery is much more effective at reestablishing a healthy gut flora.

Remember we have lots of neurotransmitters in our gut.   So, when our gut is happy so is our brain!!   Good bye Brain Fog!

This can be taken daily to maintain a high level of gut flora. You can use PB Assist daily. 

Most people with very bad skin problems may benefit from taking PB Assist daily.


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