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What do you think about the Do It Yourself stuff.  DIY, it’s all the rage and yet sometimes it costs you more than if you went out and bought the item.  It’s crazy to think that if you make it yourself you will be spending more… the ingredients, the labels, the containers not to mention your time.  But I guess that is where we have to remember, if we enjoy making the item then our time is really free.  If it is a hobby and something you look forward too, is the time really costing your anything?

I recently took up crocheting, as your probably know.  I love it.  It calms me.  An average dishcloth yarn costs about $2.00.  I am sure at Dollarama I can purchase a dishcloth for probably $1.25 but it is not made by me.  It is not 100% cotton.  It is not as good.  I guess we have to consider the worth of an item.  Worth… a Halloween costume, for instance, if you go to Value Village and buy the necessary items really cheap to make up your costume and never wear it again, it doesn’t matter how many times you can wash it and still use it.  In that case, making your own costume from scratch will probably cost you more in the long run.  But if you expect to wear it more often, then the time and money would be worth it for a good quality item made by you.

For the items in my DIY section, you can reuse the containers and labels, and it is made by you.  You know the ingredients.  You know how they are good for you.  When purchasing bath products, what do they put in them.  Can you pronounce them, never mind know what they are.  I have been investigating some products I have bought over the years saying “they are great”.  Now I have found out they are not anywhere near great.   Chemicals are drawn into our bodies and cause trouble.  Everyone is different and the problems can definitely affect us differently.  Even something as normal as the soap you choose to use in the shower.  It feels great, it lathers up great, and then it runs down your body, sinking into every part of your skin.  It ends up on the floor of the shower and ultimately is absorbed into your feet.  Our feet suck in so much of the goodness and badness of our environment.  Using oils on the bottom of your feet can really benefit you so, can you imagine the bad a nasty chemical can affect you too!   Sodium Laureth Sulfate aka SLES (very common foaming agent) is a skin irritant, Propylene Glycol (antifreeze), Triclosan (antibacterial), how awful we have trusted them for years!

Our mouths are another area we take for granted.  When we are brushing our teeth or gargling, we are introducing good or bad to that area.  Using a good, organic, safe toothpaste can make you life so much nicer.  The ingredients used in the “normal” toothpastes we buy are scary!  Triclosan, Floride, Artificial sweeteners… to name a few.  Why do we need these in our mouths?

Even our cleaning agents!  Phthalates, a family of industrial chemicals used to soften PVC plastic and as solvents in cosmetics and other consumer products, can damage the liver, kidneys, lungs, and reproductive system.  These are some of the reasons for the DIYs.  They may cost us more but in the long run we know what we are getting.  Adding essential oils to our projects help our bodies and minds.   Give some of the a try and let me know what you think.  If you would like a specific recipe or DIY project, let me know.  I love to hear from you all.

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