Having Hobbies

doTERRA is definitely more than a hobby for me but it feels like one every day.  The rooms in our home always smell so fresh or warm or welcoming, depending on which oils are being diffused.   In my home office I always have something to cheer me up and motivate me.  Today I have Wild Orange, Frankincense and Serenity.   I have my list of things I need to get done today and this blend will help me get through it.

Back to hobbies.  I have recently learned a new skill.  I try to do this most of the time to keep my mind moving, growing and stay stimulated.  Well, I have taken up Crocheting.  I love it.  I must say, my first attempt was not very successful.  I posted on my FB page some pictures of my failed work.  I laughed!  I suck at this but like everything else, I stuck to it.  I was so overwhelmed with the pouring out of support from all my friends!  Them most helpful was from my friend Doreen.  She told me about the YouTube videos.  Well, I have been so impressed with the videos.  They helped me so much and continue to.

Crocheting calms me.  It gives me something to do while watching TV and still be able to pay attention and continue in conversations.  I’ve made wash cloths, dish cloths, slippers, I am working on 2 blankets and placemats now.  The possibilities are endless.   Another item I am making… small little sachets for your drawers!  Yes, you guessed it.  Insert a cotton pad or ball and add a drop of my wonderful doTERRA Essential Oils!  I love it.  My top drawer smells like lavender when I open it now.

Life is very special.  Adding new hobbies can be very good for your health.  Riding a bike, going for a walk, take up cooking or knitting or Crocheting!   Keeping our minds busy, keeps us living a good life.   Healthy eating, vitamins and supplements are necessary but activity is important too!  Think about what you are going to start new today!

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