Each day we awaken feeling rested and curious as to what the day will bring.  Hopefully you have had a restful sleep and are ready to face your day.  If you need help sleeping, read my blog on sleeping with diffusing oils and putting them on the bottoms of your feet, very beneficial.  If you are still working, that may mean that you need to get up quickly and tackle your day with vim and vigor and get out of the house or walk into the next room, that is if you work from home.

When you are bringing up a family, you not only have to get yourself up but get the rest of the house up too.  Young children can be more difficult to get on the move, but then again the dreaded “teenager” can be quite a handful too.  Breakfast, lunches, homework, maybe papers to be signed for “field trips”.  I remember being told the night before that there was to be a “cakewalk” the next day and I “needed” to make the best cake for my son to take for that fundraiser!  Well, as you do, I make the cake and I made it fabulous!

No matter where you stand in your career or retirement, stress still happens.  Frustrations still occur.  Sometimes I think that I need to worry a bit just to keep myself ready for anything that happens to me.  doTERRA helps me for sure.  There are so many wonderful Essential Oils to help your moods.  If I wake up tired, Peppermint, Wild Orange, Geranium can help.  If I feel drowsy Frankincense, Ginger, Lemon can help.  To help ground and balance emotions, PastTense uses a fresh, cooling aroma that can ease stressful feelings and promote a sense of calm.  No matter what you need to boost you or relax you doTERRA Essential Oils.  I made some of my DIY Lavender Bath Salts and today I had a wonderful bath, relaxing to the wonderful fragrance of Lavender.

It is not our fault that we have stress and get frustrated.  Life is like that.  We need to review what is in our lives every once in a while and think about how we could organize better, or perhaps make a list.  If you make a list then you have no need to “remember”.  You do need to, however, remember you made that list and you need to refer to it.  I make list frequently.  Sometimes I put things on the list I have already done, so that I feel accomplished but also, something needed to be done and I did it.  Just is case someone asks!

Understanding that frustrations and conflicts are going to happen can take a bit of the stress away.   Being prepared.  Recently, and it has not been resolved yet, I have had a very frustrating task.  I have spoken to everyone I know about it to make sure they don’t fall into the same trap I have.  I am still dealing with it and hopefully it will be resolved to our benefit, but who knows.  What I do know is when I have the next conversation, I am going to breathe, meditate and relax before I step up and make that call.  Making ourselves upset before any task makes it worse in the long run.   One of doTERRA’s powerful oils is Melissa.  I think tomorrow is going to be a Melissa kind of day!

Until next time… breathe!


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