In our lifetime we will meet more people than we ever thought possible.   Hundreds of thousands, probably.   In our childhood we meet kids on our street, school, our parents friend’s kids, as we grow up, we start working, going out socially, continue in our careers, possibly moving away from our neighbourhood and so on.

There are good friends there are bad friends.  Some people you meet never become friends with at all.  It’s exciting and can be a bit daunting to meet new people.  But when you meet those forever friends, it is truly remarkable.

I had a visit with a very longtime friend this past week.  (No need to say how many years! Hahahahaha).  Let’s just say we were young and now we are not!  😃.  Those visits are wonderful.   We had a great time catching up in person.  Talking about important stuff in our lives and also the ridiculous.   Remembering silly nights and antics we got into when much younger.   Our saratonin levels were probably off the map.   I couldn’t wait to pick her up at the airport on Monday but bittersweet to drop her off on Friday.   It is so important to have these relationships in our lives.  I am very fortunate to have this one.  Until next time…   ❤️


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