Change – good or bad?

Change for me for the most part, is good.  It is nice to realize that our lives will not be exactly what they are right now.  Some parts of your life will never change and that is normal.  You probably won’t change your name or your favourite colour but you could see it good to change where you live or the job you have.  When I was young, I loved to change my room around.  I’d tell my Dad to come into my room to see how I had changed.  He as always very pleased because that meant that I also cleaned my room, really well, without being asked! haha   My Dad brought me tea every morning in bed, so it was important for him to know where the furniture was.  Inevitably, he would forget, since it was the wee hours of the morning, he’d come in my room and trip over the chair, or bang into the dresser, this always made me laugh.  Changing my room around then was good for me but maybe not so much for my Dad.  😉

Life goes through changes without us even deciding.  We are born, we go to school, we continue on in school or we get a job, get married (perhaps), have children (perhaps), our friends do the same thing.  We get older, our dreams when we were teenagers were different than what they are as we age.  I always wanted a big house… I had one, been there, did that, but now we are downsizing.  Make life easier.  I love the thought of that but now there is the very daunting thought of purging some of my favourite things.  That type of change is even hard for me.  I won’t have the walls for all my pictures, I won’t have the huge parties I used to have, so out go the wonderful platters and serving dishes.  I’ve been reading a lot about downsizing and they make it sound so easy… Box #1- stuff you are keeping, Box #2 – donations, Box #3 – garbage, Box #4 – stuff you want to keep but really should be getting rid of.  Hmmm   Why is it so difficult to decide what to do with some items.  Box #4 is far to big.  I think Box #4 should be an entire room!  Don’t get me started with shoes.  hahaha

Some aspects of our life we can change and some we can’t.  I like to think that I know the difference now and I hope I am teaching my son how to handle changes.


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  • I love your new blog! Yes, I agree life brings many changes, with those changes we have to look for the opportunities to grow!

    • That is so true too, Ruth. Opportunities to grow, I know you know all about doTERRA and how we can grow. Emotionally and physically Essential Oils can help.
      Everyday we face challenges and when we are well grounded, it is easier to get through our days! 🙂

  • Change is good. refreshing.

    • I feel that way too! Everyday we are faced with challenges, some more than others. I think you have had your fair share! Huggs to your recovery. If I were there, I could give you a sample of decreasing your pain! See you in November!

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