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Some people get up in the morning and have a routine.  I don’t have a routine, except that my wonderful partner brings me tea every morning in bed.  He does it as a matter of course and never fails to make my tea exactly the way I like it.  I am a bit of a stickler to the way tea is made, as my parents were born in England, Bootle to be exact.

Sometimes I wish I had the energy to get up an go… go and do something good for me.  I feel like that if I get up at all some days, I have done something good for myself.   Every night I do my oils on the bottom of my feet, set my diffuser with my favourite oils of the night, set it on high and listen to a Sleep Story.  I love Sleep Stories.  They, along with my oils help me turn off my day.  Stop worrying about things I can’t change, especially when it is bed time and late.

I envy those who have an exercise regime, whether it is because the really enjoy it or feel they must.  I exercise when I want to.   My exercise of choice right now is Yoga.  I tape a wonderful show Healing Yoga and it is really beneficial.  It’s easy and very informative.  I set up my diffuser and wow, the smell of the Essential Oils and the feel of the muscles in my body stretching and warming is incredible.   Still, do I do this wonderful thing to my body everyday… haha  No.  Diffuser is on all day, everyday.

Are you a routine person? or are you like me and fly by the seat of your pants?


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  • Love the Lavender use it in diffuser every night.
    I also use the Frankensense and On guard.
    Just started these oils in July hope to continue love them.

    • I feel the same way. Lavender is so relaxing. Frankincense is definitely a go to oil too.
      On guard is great for so many things too. Also, the on guard products, I love the hand foam!

  • I love all things dōTERRA!!! I take the lifelong vitality (LLV) daily and these have improved my life and health in so many ways!!

    We diffuse On Guard, Breathe and Serenity in our daughters room and our own every night. We sleep so well!!

    • Life Long Vitality… LLV. Wow, I hadn’t even gotten there yet. The supplements and vitamins from dōTERRA are essential to our well being. Thanks Rob for sharing.
      These will be my next Healthy Habit blog!

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